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Today I finished draft one of The Opposite of Being Self-Centred. Is a very good feeling. It's certainly not ready, but it's on it's way. Very nice.

I picked up Matt 10 minutes late because I had to print out and staple the script as I was very excited to get it done.

Matt and I drove to Hornsby listening to Matt's choice of Matchbox 20. I like them. They play good.

We arrived at Chris' house drunk and disheveled, minus the drunk bit, and maybe only a tad disheveled. But we did arrived. We recorded the song. The first half hour consisted of listening to my terrible singing it seems. Matt did good. He sings much better than I. If I were his mother I'd be proud of him.

At 2:40 we broke for lunch. Off to the food court it was. That's were you need to go on recording days it seems. Rob met us there and we had silly discussions. Robert and Chris were mean to me. Matt was playing the Swiss. Robert encouraged Matt to get a blog, which I agree with (Matt get a blog). When we left we showed Matt the airlock at the carpark. There are some amazing things to see in Hornsby when you are a visitor.

We got back and finished off. Recorded a rap and me wispering crap as backing vocals. Then an accoustic track. Nothing special that was, but it was good to get something done for a general idea.

When that was done I gave Matt a lift home listening to the Counting Crows. Now I am home and listening to Powderfinger.

Soon I will go out to the Blue Gum to say "Goodbye Ryan" before he goes to Newcastle and becomes a Newcastlian. He's staying with Natalie and Erin. Ryan likes hanging with them. They have fun together. I think he'll have fun. That'd be good. They are friendly people. If Ryan was moving away to stay with mean people I would be a little offended, but he's not so I won't be.