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I had a discussion with Jo on Tuesday about my rules for teasing. Because after Monday night I started to get a little worried. You see, my rules for teasing, especially about girls (or guys depending on who you're teasing), is that it's ok as long as it doesn't upset relationships. Like having a joke with someone about a girl can be a bit of fun at times, but it can make life awkward. Like when you were in year 7 and someone would call out across the play ground "So-and-So likes you!" and both you and So-and-So, would get all embarrased. It would then be uncomfortable between you and that person. And over the past month there have been many instances where people have acted like silly year sevens. Not that that's a problem, most of the time.

Anyway, I talked to Jo because I didn't want to make life bad for either of them. Jo was good about it, which was good. But since than I have been working at being better behaved. Even if making jokes isn't originaly annoying, it can get there. I'd rather it didn't. We all love a good gossip, but it can be un-constructive.

I cop a bit of crap at home about women, but I play my cards too close to my chest to be of a lot of interest. Over the past few days I think Robert has gone from thinking I don't like someone, to I do like someone, to I don't like someone, to maybe I like someone. I've said nothing. And people here at home play by the same rules as me, tease if it doesn't stuff things up.

Anyway, I would like to thank Rob and Jo for being such good sports.

I'm going to try and stop acting like I'm in year seven now, most of the time.