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Today we were at Griffith High which was reputed to be one of the "rougher" high schools in Griffith (there are only three so there isn't really much choice). It was pretty cool. I was up first with the year eights. They were a little ruder than yesterdays crowd. A bit more offended by my talk.

It all went pretty much like it did yesterday. The year 7 were feral (if I can use that term lovingly). I had a small group with one guy who kept wanting to talk about hell and another who spent his whole time trying to start a fight with everyone in the group.

My year 10 small group was cool. Two of the guys stuck around in the recess to ask me more questions and discuss Islam and Christianity.

At lunch time I went out into the quad and played handball with some year 7 guys. I noticed people playing and I thought it looked fun so I asked if I could join in. Twas good. I didn't share the gospel with them, but they had heard it before. It was better playing handball.