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Well, today I planned to leave at Griffith at 10am but was late because Donna, my billet mum, cooked me breakfast so I didn't do my normal breakfast escape. It was really nice. I gave them some chocolates and was sad to leave because they were a really nice family.

I picked up Shanan, Lani, Kerryn, Mitch and Graham and we headed out of Griffith 50 minutes late with a full tank of petrol and pumped up tires. We drove. Mitch, Lani and I drove. I only ate maccas once. When planning dropping people home we had much difficulty and it resulted in much difficulty. My trip once in Sydney at 5:30 consisted of Granville to Lucas Heights to West Pennant Hills to Hornsby to St Leonards to Hornsby. It was a killer of a trip. I spent 11 hours travelling today, four of which were in Sydney. It was a killer. I got to read a lot Harry Potter though.

Tonight I have blogged.