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I had dinner with Mum, Angus and Tinku tonight. We had curry. It was very hot. I drank about eight glasses of water. I sweated and my nose ran. It was terrible. The food was nice though. I don't handle hot food well. It burns by face off.

After dinner Angus, Tinku and I did a Bible study. It was good fun. I like looking at the Bible. As daggy as it may seem, the Bible is the toppest notches book, and I like not much more than sitting around talking about it.

After that Gus and I watched One Hour Photo. That was a good film. I spent the first half of the film feeling really uncomfortable. I thought the dude was really scary. I don't like stalkers. They make me squirm. I have decided never to become a stalker. Although, I figure stalker never thinks they are a stalker, they probably justify their stalking. So I may be a stalker and justifying it. If I am, please, I encourage anyone I am stalking, to take out an AVO on me. Stalking is bad, I shouldn't do it.

The last half was easier to watch. It didn't make me feel good, but it was a good film. Very interesting.