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I'm using a crappy blogger again at this internet cafe in Griffith. James is sitting behind me using a much better version. I don't know what they are different. I might use a different computer next time I am here.

The trip up here was kinda fun. I don't think we ate any maccas the whole way. I enjoyed hanging out with Graham, Mitch, Shanan, Pete, and James. I was very tired after staying up till about 2am the night before with Mitch and Graham, Tinku and Rob, being silly. Mum joined us at the end too.

It was an uneventful trip though. Upon arriving in Griffith I found that there was many round abouts and many rounded streets. I told Pete that we wouldn't have to worry about turning around because the whole town was one big round-about, like Canberra.

How right I was. It turns out that the town was designed by Walter Burley-Griffin, the same bloke who designed Canberra, and as a consiquence it's kinda similar in design. How strange.

We arrived 2 and a half hours late, and met out billets. I'm staying with a family of five. two girls, 6 and 10, a 14 year-old guy and a mum and a dad. They are quite friendly, but ít's all a little scary for me. I'm by myself and I don't know what the family culture is like. The dad insisted on showing me photos of his welding and crane driving jobs.

Today I woke up at about quarter past seven. 45 mintues later than planned, but still I was happy with the sleep in. I had a tablespoon cornflakes, and some lite-milk for breakfast and headed off to the Griffith Anglican Catheral, our base.

From there we headed off to Wade High School to do scripture seminars with year 7,8 and 9. Our theme was grace. The seminars got progressivly better as the day went on. I did the talk for the year eight kids. It was my first cold-turkey evangelism talk. It was a bit scary and I think I offended a few people. I told them that they deserved to die (as do I) and they should accept the free gift of salvation from Jesus. I spent more time talking about Jesus, but it was a little on the "turn or burn" side. It went ok I think.

We had small groups with the kids and they were quite ratty.

After the school we headed off into Griffith in search of an internet cafe. This meant stumbling across the Grace Christian Fellowship. Mitch, Graham, James and I decided to go in and say G'day and find out where we could do our blogging and e-mailing.

There was a young woman behind the counter who we got talking to. Sadly, I felt compelled to fill in all the gaps in the conversation and I'm sure I looked like I was picking up. The boys thought I was picking up.

I also made the mistake of saying "I'm going to try and come to this church on Sunday." which when I realised what I had done made me squirm.

Oh well. It's fine. I'll just stay away from the church on Sunday. I hate looking like I'm picking up. It makes me feel really dodgy. Really fake. Darn.

Now I have eaten Maccas and am about to head out to eat dinner with the Griffith junior choir. Tops.