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We worked on the song again today, Chris and I. I wrote some of the script for the Black Stump project while I was waiting to begin. The scene I wrote was quite politically incorrect. It had the main character commenting about quadriplegic children:Yeah Downies and spastics and stuff. Everyone loves those kids. Always smiling and running around and stuff.

I'm sure no one but me will find it funny. I'm sure people would probably get offended. So I probably won't leave it in. But if I do, I'll have a good laugh. The main character isn't meant to sensitive.

Before we got to work on the song we (Chris, Howie and I) went to the food court for lunch. I met Chris (different one) there. He joined us for lunch and told us of his work as a famous television and radio star. I don't think he's all that famous because when I looked for him on web I could only find this picture which is not him, but very funny. It was good to see him too. Andrew is coming back to visit soon too, it's like old days.

Chris and I made little progress on the song for a while after lunch but made a break through when we upped the tempo and decided to be silly. The result was better than anything we've done so far. It's not classy enough to released as a single, but it will do for our purposes. It was fun being silly. Chris is a funny guy.

During an intermission I made phone calls for this film which was most tramatic as I get scared making phone calls. I had a 50% success rate. And some funny missed call business.

Now I am home and am not sure what to do. Probably go to bed. I'm a little tired and I'll go to work tomorrow. I'm not fully sure what I'm going to do there. Maybe a mail merge. That sounds like it could be fun.

Yeah, I'll do a mail merge.