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I have done a lot of posting today with out saying much. I guess it's been one of those days. Pleasant though. I've been paid out a lot today for my organising of Andrew's visit. If I were a sensitive person I might cry when I got paid out, it seems to happen often. But I'm not, and so I have a chuckle and think "Aren't my friends rude?" in an affectionate tone of thought.

If I were more sensitive I probably wouldn't get paid out so much. People would be afraid they'd hurt my feelings. Well at least I wouldn't get paid out to my face as much.

Anyway, today has been pleasant. I've managed to not do anything work like for most of the day. I rang the Bible Society to see if they had any Bangla translations of the Bible for Tinku. They said they only have Bangali. That could be the same thing, or not. I don't know. I'll have to ask Tinku.

Tomorrow is back to the grind again. Good, good.

Last night we watched Analyze That which was on par with the first film I reckon. Had some funnies. Ha Ha. Twas nothing special. But it was fun. It took us about 3 hours to watch the film though. We had a lot of interuptions. Especially the interuption of the mystery person in Jo's (sister) house yesterday who listened to Jo's Vynyard CD really loudly and used their plates then left in a white van. No body knew who it was and they have no idea who it could have been. They knew it happened because one of Jo's housemates was in the house at the time and heard it. But didn't go and check to see who it was because they thought it must have been someone else who was staying in the house but they had all gone to work. When they went to check who it was the person left and she ran to the front door only to see some guy getting in a van and driving away. Anyway, that was the mystery. I hope my sister is ok. Maybe the man is the white van is like Goldilocks. That's what I reckon. Sydney's very own inner-west Goldilocks.

Now Analyze That has been returned and I spent the afternoon minding Hannah. She was pretty easy today. I like Hannah when she's in a good mood. Actually I like Hannah all the time. She's a good person to have around.