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On Friday (blogger has funny new html tags) we had the morning off. I slept in till 10. I woke up once or twice to the sound of my billet brothers and sisters fighting, but mainly I slept. It was so nice.

I hung out with Mitch and Graham (I met them at Macca at 11:30 doing my usual breakfast avoiding trick) and we met some girls on the main street of Griffith who were from the school we were in the day before. They said they had taken the day off school to walk up and down the street. That's teenage lesure in Griffith. Much like Sydney really but Sydney has longer streets.

At 1:30 went to the church to set up for the Youth Pulse. The plan was to run a big thing like Youth Surge for all the excited teenagers in Griffith. During set up we planned what we were doing that night and the next day for the whole day youth event. This desended into a discussion of the pros and cons of charismaticism.

Once 7:30 arrived it was time for the Youth Pulse to begin. The teenagers were all set to arrive. We were almost ready. By 8pm 6 kids had arrived and we still hadn't started because the laptop was being a dog.

In the end the lap top started working and we did the Youth Pulse. James and his band played very loudly and the three remaining team members in the audience sang along while all the excited teenagers in Griffith looked on in a perplexed manner.

We played memory verse games and get to know you games. We prayed and Jodie gave a talk. It was good. I had a good night.

In debrief we discussed why no one came, and what should have been done. People seemed sad that not many people had come. I said that we had shared the Gospel, served God and were obiedient, so in my book it was a good night. I do think though, that there could have been room for improvment in the advertising of the night. The debrief decended into a discussion about the church in Griffith and the lack of youth ministry and Bible teaching. We seemed to be setting a trend for discussions that went tangental (if that is the right word).