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Well here I am at home, mid Soul Survivor. I had the first Donny Jaffa last night, it when good I think. I'm pretty pleased with it. People laughed at the jokes. I interviewed John C, he was good fun. I didn't get to talk to him about much, we made a few jokes about his hair, watched a video and then talked about the Holy Spirit being baptised. It was all very silly. I was a bit rude to him, but as was pointed out to me, he gave as good as he got.

The rest of it so far has been fun. The main meeting last night was good but I found it very hard to concentrate. I was busy de-briefing. But once I got away from that, I was fine.

Taking the youth group has meant that I have to be responsible. I have to tell people to be quiet at night. Oh dear. It's a little hard.

Claire came up to me today after a seminar and told me she read my blog. The audience is continually expanding.

I'm making dvd's at the moment and hoping it works. I might have a shower too and put on a wash.