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I am currently at Church in sermon preparation mode.

I went to Koorong today with Kaye and three youth group kids. I managed to spend lots of money on fat, scholarly books to make my shelves look good (they'll slot in well right between Harry Potter and I Kissed Dating Good-bye*). We then ate Maccas together, and had laughs. Ha de ha.

Since then I've been working on understanding my sermon on Sunday. I have a topic, and a passage, but I'm working hard to make sure I'm true to both without compromising the Word. It should do alright, but if it comes down to it, I'll go with the Word rather than the topic.

It has been a relatively fun exercise, I've used the white board and read out of my new Bible, comparing translations. I've read fat dictionaries and concordances and am about to go to the commentaries. I've had a few sleeps too. I feel quite smart. I'm sure that feeling will disappear as soon as I find myself in the company of others.

*I did, but it was most un-intentional