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I love internet cafes. They make the internet so much more fun. Reading blogs in the middle of the city at some computer used by many other people, that's good fun. Ryan and I just had some Yum Cha and talked about how we can change the world. It's a little exciting. We had an idea of something useful we might be able to do. Something useful and manageable.

Everyone is talking about helping the poor, loving the least at the moment. Top quality. I'm still scared I'm just a talker. But we've had an idea. We may even get around to doing it.

Ryan is playing network games. We're waiting till it's time to go see our movie. It's starting (at least the ads are) in about 5 minutes. How good is an internet cafe under an cinema? Posh.

We went to Dirt Cheap cds just prior to this and I managed to spend $50 on 4 cds. I'm excited but I don't think I have time to listen to them all. How beautiful are cds?

I think it might be movie time now. Ryan's shooting people.