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Today I dogged and got dogged.

Helen and I decided to April Fool Belinda in the church office. I sent her an email that said:

Hey Belinda,

I hope this isn’t too late, but I was wondering if you could put an ad in the Bulletin for us?

“ERNIE is going to the Movies

On Saturday, 22nd May Ernie is going to a special charity screening of Irreversible at Hoyts Cinemas Chatswood. First there was The Passion, now there is Irreversible. Irreversible is an exciting romp through the nightlife of Paris in a contemporary retelling of the Parable of the Workers in the Vineyard (Matt 20:1-16). The money raised will go towards the Royal Society for Victims of Rare Skin Diseases. It would be great for you all to be praying for this wonderful opportunity for the gospel and encouraging all the youth to come along and invite their friends. Check out more at”

Aside: I don't recommend you visit the website it's a bit naughty.

Thanks Belinda. You might want to go to the website also and get a picture of two to put in the bulletin if it would fit.



I also carbon copied it and sent it to Steve. Steve ok'd it, he didn't check out the website, Belinda didn't either and spent ages trying to fit it into the bulletin. He he.

But Belinda called me during the day and told me I had to come into have a meeting with Steve at 3pm because something important had come up. I thought it might be a joke, but I wasn't quite sure. I tried to be as well behaved as possible in case it was real. I stressed a bit for a while, I was pretty sure it was a joke but I couldn't be sure and it was the unsureness that stressed me. Helen said she hadn't heard anything. Then at a little past 12 I got a message from Helen saying that she had to go to the meeting too. That stressed me because I thought "It must be true, if Helen has to go and it's after 12."

About half an hour later Helen called and told me she'd set me up, her and Howie had organised it last night. When I arrived at church for my "meeting" there was going to be a 2 litre bottle of Coke waiting for me. That would have been nice, but I didn't go.

I e-mailed Belinda she wrote back and e-mail which said "You bum". Then Helen and I called and debriefed with her. She was in a good mood. We all had fun. Staff bonding, sweet.

To dog and be dogged. Good stuff.