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Howie and I went to Entech today. I think Howie described it pretty well. I felt a little out of place because I had no idea what was going on. I knew what a lot of the equipment was, but I had no idea why one thing was better than another. The most I could tell was that if a mixer was bigger and had more lights it was probably better. That's probably a common misconception about many things in life.

I came home and mooched.

I went to small groups for dinner tonight. I only stayed for dinner because I had a preaching course during the study time. I feel a little dodgy doing that, but I value the community. And the food.

When I make jokes at small group, most people don't seem to get them the way I intend them. When I got up to leave tonight, I said it was because Ray had said something offensive. People just looked at me. Louise made some disapproving noise. (She may have said "Tom!", she says that often.) And I thought "Oops". Then I had to explain that it was a joke, and actually I'd had a very nice time. Then I left feeling like an idiot. Hmm. Gotta learn my audience.

The preaching stuff was good, but I had difficulty paying attention. My mind was in many other places.