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Long Night's Journey into the Day

So we went to the Pub. It was good. Had a much better turn out than last week. Good conversation. Had a discussion about original sin and if it's true.

After the pub there was maccas and then a suggestion (from the remaining four) that we go on a road trip and see how far we can get to and back before 10am. That time changed to 8:45am after and encounter with my mother who told me she needed the car. She was very nice about it though. She doesn't tell me off for silliness.

I was very tired when I we had the discussion. I knew it would be silly to go, but I went anyway. I wanted to do something impulsive. I felt my "boring" levels were too high, so I thought "Time to do something silly".


Bright and Early: Leaving the Forest at 1:36am

I bought a cd (Coldplay - A Rush of Blood to the Head) at a petrol station in Forestville (I have no idea it was Forestville, I still don't know what suburb is which over there).

I slept most of the trip down and Helen drove. That is one of my favourite memories of this early morning. I really liked falling asleep while the car kept going, and we kept getting further away. And then waking up and finding yourself hundreds of kilometres from home.

We stopped in Kiama and looked at the blowhole.

Howie and Helen in Kiama.jpg

Howie and Helen in Kiama

David in Kiama.jpg

David in Kiama

We ended up somewhere in the middle of not much, near Berry.

Far away we were.jpg

4:34am at our furthest point

I drove home. Helen and Howie felt sick. David and I talked of God's guidance.

There was no good sunrise. But it was great to see the morning. God's glory was somewhere behind the clouds.

We arrived back and Helen's house at 7am. All up we traveled about 390kms. I think it was very worth doing, but bloody stupid none the less. I do love a good adventure.

Home at Helens.jpg

The End