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I feel I need to blog. Just to get this day down and done.

Really there isn't much today. I went to Yum Cha in Chinatown with Grandpa, Valentina, Mum, Dad, Jo and Mike. There were a lot of other people there but they didn't go to Yum Cha with me. They just ate or pushed around carts and said things like "Poork Dumpwings?" (that was my bad impression of a Chinese accent.)

My Uncle, Mike, told us stories of my cousins, mostly Will, the youngest boy. I like hearing the stories. I haven't seen my cousins in about four years but I thought they were great last time I saw them.

After Yum Cha it was off to the Births, Deaths and Marriages Registry Office. We got there early so paid a visit to visit Gloria Jeans.

The registry office was quite an un-romantic place. It looked a little like an exhibit from the Government Pavilion at the Easter Show. We all stood around and I was amused by the signs which said "Quiet Please Marriage in Progress"

When it was time to go in we were shown into the Marriage Room or what ever it was called. It was a tiny, little, red walled room, with two rows of cushy pews and an isle in the middle, all behind frosted glass doors. There was a desk at the front and a thingy of flowers. The Celebrant came to visit us and he was a friendly man. I was official photographer and went snap happy for fear of missing anything. It was a blink-and-you'll-miss-it wedding. The whole thing took 9 minutes. From the time the Celebrant arrived to the shaking of the hands to say it was done, nine whole minutes.

It was probably one of those occasions which I will mark down as "You don't see that every day."

After the wedding Grandpa and his new bride went home for an afternoon nap and I continued on to work for leaders meeting and small group and the like. Leaders meeting was too full as usual and small group was kind of fun. I'm still trying to get my head around the whole "obey the government" thing. I would much rather declare the government to be useless, and my citizenship to lie elsewhere, but I cannot. It would be so fun to be an anarchist.

One the way home Rachel, David and I stopped in at church for an almost midnight snack. My chips tasted pretty foul (meat pie flavoured Smiths) but it was a fun little detour.

And that's my day.

Congratulations to Steve and Valentina. I hope there are many happy years together.