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Fully Sick Bro

It's 11am (not by the time I post this) and the morning main meeting is about to start. I'm not there. I came home from Soul today because I'm feeling really dodge. Snotty, throaty, no voice. I'll go back this arvo. Apart from that I'm having a great time. I'm enjoying the Christian camping thing. Well the camping perhaps not, but the Christian stuff is good.

Donny Jaffa is going well. I interview Mike P on Wednesday night. That was lots of fun. It was very hard work, he's a very funny guy, very quick. He kept me on my toes. I felt like I was in a boxing match (my often used analogy) and we were both trying to out do each other. There were many times when he was kicking my butt. We talked about Neighbors, his book, his weight, marriage, and Australian slang, all in about 5 minutes. Often I felt myself getting stumped for words. A few times I almost lost it. I definitely laughed when I should have stayed in character. But I held it together. He was getting very good punches in though. I working hard just to stay in the fight.

But I won. I got knock out. He managed to inadvertently blurt out a completely inappropriate sexual innuendo, and when he realised what he's said, he descended into fits of laughter and left the stage. I didn't get to end the interview because he just walked off. He couldn't keep it together. KO! But really if that hadn't happened I would have come off looking much worse. He's a quicker, funnier man than I. Definitely fought better. I just happened to win because he made a mistake.

It was lots of fun.

Last night Jem came on as Tabitha. That was a more difficult show. As Jem said we didn't really flesh out the character enough. I think we were both searching for things to talk about. We played a game of Bum Charades at the beginning. I got representatives from the different mission orgainisations to spell out words with their bums. It was very funny. I liked doing advertising for people who help kids in the third world by getting people to wiggle their bums. How funny.

Bum. Giggle.

But the Tabitha interview was much harder. I wasn't feeling the best and Jem and I were both struggling. I don't feel like Jem let me down. I think I should have made sure we did a bit more work on the character before we went out there. In the end we made it through on old jokes, and a karaoke version of Yellow. I still got good feed back so we made it. I think Jem had the hardest job of anyone who will be on the Donny Jaffa Show, she didn't get to play herself everyone else does, and she still got laughs. Good on Jem I say.

The rest of last night was good. The Main Meeting was good. Matt spoke very well. The best I've heard from Matt in a long time. The singing was good too. I was planning not to sing to save my voice but I couldn't help it. I thought, "Bugger my voice, I want to praise God". And it felt good, I'm sure it didn't sound too good though. But God was listening to my heart, and that was sounding much better than my continual testy pops.

We did a show of TOOBSC last night. Our last one. For me it had a kind of festive feeling too it. Leaving it so long, and knowing it was the last time. I couldn't care less about how it went technically. I was just enjoying doing TOOBSC. It was good to see Matt as Zac one last time. He forgot his lines (not much and it sounded fine), and there was no guitar strap so he had to perch in front of the mike stand propping up his guitar with his leg looking like and Indian surveying the plains. Or something along those lines. We lost power half-way through the Stomp piece and the projector had to be turned back on.

If it had gone like that at Black Stump I would have felt terrible. But this time it was great. I enjoyed watching the new pieces. Both of them were cool. And Matt's the man. The Opposite of Being Self-Centred is now done. Everyone who helped is fantastic. Many thanks to them all. Yay for Helen for working sor hard. Yay for us all. I'm ready to move on.

I think I might make this dvd for tonight then have a sleep.