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Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

What a good movie. I sat there in one of the last scenes and thought to myself "This is an important film". Ryan turned to me afterwards and said that it was one of those films that should be a pre-requisite film for anyone thinking of getting into a relationship.

I loved the honesty of the film. It started off showing a really horrible relationship, then went to a good one, then went back to the bad, but had a bit of hope. It didn't pretend that relationships were all good or that they would solve all your problems. But it did make you gun for the couple. And the romance was that much more important because it was real. I really liked it.

Plus it was written by Charlie Kaufman. He's the bomb. He always inspires me to make good films, but I wouldn't be brave enough to write the way he does. I'm too conservative.