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I went to a play tonight with Matt and Louise. It was Twelfth Night and it was quite modern. It had a lot of make up, and I understood little of it. I think it was a bit smart for me. But the people in it did well. We went to see a guy from the youth group. He did good. He's a good bloke.

After the performance I noticed a massive spider with a massive web out the front of the hall where the play was. I started getting worried that people would walk into it and get attacked by the angry arachnid. I moved to stand in front of the web so people wouldn't run into it. I think I deterred one or two people. One woman almost walked through it. But I panicked and desperatly shouted "Don't walk there!" and when she stopped I explained to her about the spider. I think she was grateful. Her husband came through a minute or two later on exactly the same path. I didn't manage to stop him with my cries to stop so I put my arm out and grabbed him, plucking him from danger. I'm not sure if he appreciated me grabbing his chest in a panic, but I'm sure he too appreciated it once he saw the size of the spider.

Matt and I continued on to Jo's party. Posh times. There was much goodness had with a big yellow road marker crossing thing. Funniness as people hopped in it. I'm hoping photos get posted.

I had a lovely time.

As we left Howie managed to squash Rachel's fingers in the car door. It was full on. I think the image of Rach's fingers poking out the other side, the wrong side, of the door will be forever burnt in my memory. Ouch. It was a little surreal. It seemed like it would hurt a lot. They say women have a pain threshold nine times higher than men. I wonder if that's true.