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Driver's believe hotted up cars increase their sex appeal

Mal Davies, who is publicity officer for the Monaro Club of Victoria, said he had hoped his 1971 modified Monaro Coupe would boost his sex appeal.

But he said the car tended to attract attention from men rather than women.

"I doubt it really helps," he said.

"I'm still single."

This is a funny concept. I can't see what's appealing about a hotted up car (actually I can but I'm feigning ignorance to make my point). I think they are a waste of money myself. Who needs an exhaust pipe that makes a lot of noise? And why is that sexy? Is it a phat car sexy?

I was thinking that a chick with fully sick car would probably scare me. I saw one the other day. She pulled up behind me at the lights and I thought, "That's weird. I hope she doesn't bash me."