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I've been a really bad blogger over the past few days. I've had too much on. No time for the guilty pleasures of blogging. Still no time I think, but I'm going for it anyway. Right now I'm encoding a DVD of TOOBSC. I called the file "Another Bloody TOOBSC DVD.m2v" I felt that expressed my sentiments quite accuratly. It usually takes about 45 minutes so I've got 45 minutes to kill. I just practiced wiggling my ears in time to the music. That managaed to fill about a minute. I'm trying to see if I can teach myself to wiggle both ears independantly of each other. I can do the right ear by itself and the left one is making good progress.

On Friday I went to see "Jesus the Really Passionate Man Who has His very own Musical" at CCC. I really liked the disciples. They were funny. They behaved like a bunch of guys which was good to see. I liked their laughing and their rumbling.

I sat next to Rach and made stupid (and probably un-funny) jokes half the time till I realised I was treating it like a Musical Society production and I really should give it some respect. Not that musical society productions don't deserve respect.

It wasn't too bad though. I enjoyed myself. Jesus went to Hell and I thought "I really should blog about that". At the time I thought blogging about my views on Jesus going to Hell might be interesting. Now I'm not so sure. But I may find myself with a few spare theological thoughts and shove them down on the bloggosphere.

I have no memory of the rest of Friday. Oh yes I went to church, fell asleep during the prayers and didn't feel all that spiritual. I may have done some filming too with Robert. (Oh no I didn't, I didn't have a camera, I wrote offensive scripts)

Saturday I definatly did film. Robert and I went to Wombat with Jen and Tim and filmed stuff. It was funny. Then I went over to Jem's to do some filming with her. She and Ryan were most concerned that the scripts I had written were too offensive. I said I wasn't worried and we kept going. We went to a park to film but the battery died.

Travelled back to the Castles to film there but got only one of the five scenes we needed done. We gave up and decided to continue on Sunday.

I plodded home and tried to make decisions about going to Lesley's. In the end I decided I should stay home and edit. Alas, that didn't work, various camera issues. So I went to bed at 7:30pm for a glorious eleven hours sleep.

That also didn't work. I got about an hour and half but was woken 5 times by yappy dogs and by that time the sleepy magic was gone. So I got up and went to Lesley's a few hours late.

It was good fun.


I read Jen's blog post this morning and I got all excited about Jesus being risen. I went and had a dance in the living room with excitement. Kicks, flying arms and all. Then I put on Newsboys and continued my joy all the way to church.

I got told today that I need to film my next sermon so it can be given to a famous speaker person in case they like it. That's a little scary. Pressure. I hate sermon pressure. It feels wrong to try and have to pull out a good sermon for the cameras.

I went back to Asquith and filmed with Jem some more after church. We started at the Castle's but it was too noisy. We headed off to parks and got often disturbed. But we filmed in record time. Every scene we did in half an hour or less, fantastic. Jem did good. Good on Jem.

When we were done we had a celebratory lunch at Hungry Jacks.

I went back to Church. Did church, then did Maccas. I had a nice night. Now I'm here making the video world turn. I wonder if the DVD is cooked yet.