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I went to the cinema in George St today and watched Paycheck. It wasn't great. Ben Affleck's face was way too buff and perfect. I decided that I didn't think he was good looking. Uma was not cool. Sad because she normally is the bomb. She wasn't looking buff faced. John Woo disappointed me again. Damn Hollywood.

John Woo loves his doves. He is also meant to be a Christian, but if this film is anything to go by, he's a very New Age-y Christian.

After the movie I came out of the cinema wearing my backpack and a big Security guard and a Hoyts person came up to me. The security guard said, "Are you the guy with the bag?"

I said "I have a bag"

"No no no, don't worry about it." He replied then walked off.

Tonight David, Howie, Jo and I went and saw 50 First Dates. It made me laugh and had cool walruses.

We took some fun photos after the film.