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Today I was trying to find something to do with myself today and Ryan offered to hang out with me so that's what we did.

He and I went to Macquarie. We ate lunch together and had discussions. We went shopping for pants for me, but found nothing. Alas, I'm going have to walk around in my underwear for winter.

We went and saw Girl with a Pearl Earring which was a beautiful looking film. It looked like a panting. Very nice use of lighting. Lots of good contrast. There were lots of shots of Scarlet looking shocked and with quivering lips. It was a pretty slow film but it was good. I'm glad I saw it.

I came home and watched my new dvd.

David came around too. As did Stella and Keith. We ate pizza. Mum told me off for being out on Thursday night. I have to make sure I finish that conversation with her. Now though I think I need to head bedwards.

Entech tomorrow.