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Tis late. But I haven't blogging in a while. Perhaps I will make this quick.

The Pub on Wednesday was good fun. I didn't drive so I could drink, and I managed to consume a whole 1 and half alcoholic drinks. I'm so proud of me. I got to talk to people (the were a wonderfully large turnout), and play the doggies. Macca's afterwards for the usual sitting around and shenanagising.

Today was meeting with Helen. We met from 11am to 5:30 with a 1 hour lunch break at the food court. We're very productive people. It was good to get back into the swing of things. We had a lot to cover and I'm excited about what God is doing. Yay for prayer and Jesus' salvation and power coming to the youth.

We also got love-bombed, which was a very pleasant surprise. I'm really digging this whole "love bomb the youth ministers" thing. I'm hoping it continues. Thank you to the "mystery" bombers.

Tonight was a trip to Kill Bill: Vol 2, with a friendly bunch. Not as good as the first, I think. It inspired me to become a Kung Fu master though. Problem with that is, I'm not sure who I could Kung Fu once I was good at it. Damn me and my pacifist tendencies.