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Having a Sickie

Lots of people made it quite clear to me that they would be extremely disapproving if I did anything today. I had 3 meetings and a Funday planned, but I could see the frowns on their faces in my mind, so I cancelled everything. Not that I live life for the approval of others. But I figure they did have a point. If I have today off, I might be able to avoid having another Sunday getting further aquianted with the toilet bowl.

So I have wandered around today wondering what to do with my day at home. I'm not really feeling sick. I have done a bit of reading, played computer games, I've done some research on the internet (The Just War theory and the AIDS crisis in Africa) and tried to buy a song off Bigpond Music. I've also had a sleep and watched some of the cast commentary on Fellowship of the Ring: Extended Edition. Now I might eat a pie.

Ryan is coming around soon to be my friend. Tonight may turn out to be more exciting. I wonder what can happen tonight?