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Yes, now I am here with the sheep.

Actually I haven't seen any sheep. Or maybe I saw a few on the plane as I looked across the isle, past the Indian lady's head and into the lush green pastures of Auckland airport.

It's now two hours later than Sydney time. Add two hours to whatever time this says it was posted at. I can't be bothered changing the time for a week.

Getting to the airport, we caught a train, and then heard at Wahroonga that someone had died at Turramurra and so our train may not be able to go past Warrawee. Dad and I jumped off the train and grabbed a Taxi which was waiting for us (perhaps it is taxi day). We caught it and then noticed at Pymble that we were driving along next to our train. How annoying. We caught the taxi all the way to Central. We were meant to meet Jo there but she forgot her passport so we met her later at the Airport.

I caught a plane. And I used my passport. Both very exciting things.

New Zealand seems just like Australia. Just like another state really. Nothing special. Different money. Their $50 note has a guy that looks like Stalin on it. I have $NZ200 in my wallet. That's nice seeing as I have -$53 in my bank account.

I got international roaming turned on on my phone while I was in the taxi. So I can sms still. Calls cost a lot. The Optus woman that I talked to sent me an sms about who to call to get my voicemail. She signed it "Sarah P" that was nice, I felt like we were friends.

They have different Coke cans and bottles here.

We got a hire car with a cd player. Jo and I are hiring a car for our drive to Wellington on Sunday. That will be fun. I get to drive. Jo brought cds and I brought my mini-disk. I like to drive with music. Yay.

Dad, Jo and I saw my grandparents. That was nice. We had conversation. My Grandfather brought up the fact that I haven't opened my HSC. As I told him, he's the only person who still brings that up. It's nice to see him. He's much thinner than he used to be. It's sad that I probably won't see him again after Thursday. But at the moment it's nice spending time with him.

We are staying in a cabin thing. The motel is right next door to Maccas and Pizza Hut. Posh.

Tonight we had dinner in a two story asian food court. I had indian and am feeling full.

Tomorrow night we are going to watch the rugby. I want to find a pub populated by Australians so we can all cheer. We are also might go to One Tree Hill tomorrow. I'm gunning for it. I'm not all that interested in the hill (which I have heard no longer has the "one tree") but U2 wrote a song named after the hill, so that's cool.

Local calls are free here. Unless you go to a pay phone. I need to find someone to call for free.

Now I think it's time for me to go. I have to find Jo and Dad who are shopping at Woolies (Woolies has a different logo here). I asked them to buy Corn Pops if they are here. I hope they still make them in NZ. Ever since we stopped getting them at home I've felt like a lesser person. If they do still have them here, I might move.