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I just read my last post again and had a laugh. I have to say, how good is toilet humour. Never fails to get that ten year old boy inside me having a giggle. When I was younger, like 10, people used to walk up to me and say "Bottom" and I'd loose it.

Speaking of loosing it, today in Bible Study I lost it for the first time ever in my amazingly long history of youth ministry. Dan put some stuffing on his face and I suggested he play Santa at Christmas. Steph mentioned that the Santa at the local shopping centre died and that's when I lost it. I just thought the idea of a dead Santa was extremely funny. I felt bad too at the same time because I was laughing about some guy that died, but the image of a dead jolly man in a red suit, well, what's not funny about that? When Jo told me a bit more about the guy who died later on I felt even worse. I think it was something about the meeting. We combined with the girls group this week, just for fun. It was hard to keep people focused, but it was quite a funny afternoon. I enjoyed hanging out with the kids even if we didn't learn much.