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Let me be quick about today.

I pretended to study this morning. Mostly I sat starring out the window listening to Sons of Korah thinking "I love the Psalms. I should read them more"

I left home at 11:15 and picked up my passport from the Post Office. It's very exciting now I feel like a real Australian. I can go overseas and cross borders and get picked up with drugs and stuff in Vietnam and I can wave my passport around and say "I'm an Australian! I'm an Australian!"

I studied a bit on the train.

I got to college. Waited around. People made jokes about me studying for Church History today. I told everyone my tip for the Melbourne Cup.

The exam started. I think I didn't know anything. It got progressively worse as the exam goes on. I may be able to pass though. If the God is nice to me. I am very happy I had that extra day's study.

Afterwards Gus and I went to the city. I got to go to the Disney studios again. That was fun. They have little Mickey Mouse figureines all over their walls.

We progressed up to the George St cinemas. I found $20 on the ground and tried to give it to people who were standing around but nobody wanted it. The box office people didn't want it either. They said I should spend it. So I did. I bought a movie ticket and my Matrix ticket. I then messaged half the people in my phone asking them if they wanted join us. Half of the half did. So I bought the tickets to Matrix Revolutions with a few extras for those who wanted to go but hadn't messaged me yet. I still have one spare. I'm sure it will be gone by tomorrow night. But it's kinda exciting. It's like there will be a mystery guest. Who will take the last ticket?

Gus and I went and saw Kill Bill: Vol. 1. It was very violent. I liked it though. Gus laughed very loudly whenever anyone got a limb or their head chopped off. No-one else in the cinema seemed to be laughing when someone got killed. I had a little chuckle. I felt perhaps that people might think Gus was some crazy, violence loving, scary guy. He's not. I understood why he was laughing. I can't work out why no-one else in the cinema was laughing. It is kinda funny seeing someones leg getting chopped off, or eye ripped out. That's funny. Chick getting scalped? That's funny.

Anyway, the film was good. The violence was so over the top that it made the film bearable. If the violence had been realistic I don't think I could have handled the film. Yeah. I came out thinking "I want to make a film. I want to make something cool.".

I came home and went to commy dinner. There we looked at photos of Black Stump and the 2003 Motor Show and I got Gem blog. Go visit.

The End.