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Did the morning church group thing. The group went alright. Jo was dead on her feet with sleep deprivation. That amused me.

We ate breakfast (chocolate milk and a danish) afterwards in the lounge room, or whatever that room is called (Meeting Room 1 officially I think), and I didn't manage to get off the couch for another 3 hours. Helen came and joined the lounging at some stage. At 3:30 I had to leave as I had a meeting to attend.

My Bible study group was good. The boys laughed at my speech problems because of my tiredness.

I then raced away from church so I could preach at the church down the road. Jamie, Sal, Luke, Joel and Jono played the music for the church tonight. It was a little strange hearing music from my church in the wrong church. At times I felt like the only one singing. I did the same talk I've done over the past two weeks. I was feeling very tired, a little sick, and I forgot to get myself a glass water. It went alright. I forgot a few bits. People liked it though I think. Even with my stuff ups due to my lack of sleep. They were all very nice. I liked the people at that church.

I had to preach in my daggy, college jumper. I stress about that all day. I wanted to wear my t-shirt but I discovered it had stains on it when I got to church. I had to wear my jumper. Oh well. It's a comfy jumper. But so is my t-shirt. And my t-shirt is cooler.

Now I am home. Now I will sleep.

I have an exam tomorrow and I have done absolutely no study. This is bad. I really don't want to fail this subject. Or any subject. I want to graduate. I've just been too flat out to have a look at my books. But I probably wouldn't have studied at this stage anyway, even if I had every day for the past week free. This way at least I was too busy to feel guilty about my lack of study.