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I wrote a post last night. Nothing really special, but it did the job. Sadly my computer put itself to sleep before I had the chance to post. Now it is gone my post love.

Yesterday involved no coffee, but lemon squash, Coke, water, a chocolate milkshake, 3 doughnuts, and a Kahuna sandwich (which had nothing remotely Kahuna about it). I enjoyed these food and beverages in four different locations on the North Shore and Northern Beaches, with 4 different people (Tanya, Lauren, Matt, and Ben), at three different times. I managed to see the ocean twice on two separate occasions. I felt like I was a proper youth minister for the beaches.

It was very hot yesterday and I should have worn shorts.

Last night I went to community dinner. And when I got home I watched the end of 25th Hour by Mr Spike Lee with our good friend Edward Norton. It was a good film. It was set post September 11 New York. Interesting. I liked the film.

There was a song for Bruce Springsteen at the end. A song from the album I just bought. I like the album, it's not "Rah, Rah, America", it's an appropriate American response to September 11 I think. It's not about revenge, it's more about dealing with loss, and a sudden, catastrophic change in a person's reality. He sings a lot about sky, blood, and tears, but that's ok. Occasionally it is a bit shmultzy but I cope. Any way I like it.

And Norah, I've listened to her at least seven times and I'm not sick of her yet. Her voice is beautiful. Melting perhaps. Yay for Norah.