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Today I finished up my coffee meetings.

I did breakfast with Beck in the morning. That was nice. I had a bacon and egg roll. Beck gave me good suggestions and it was nice to talk because I think Beck is the leader I talk to the least.

I met with Matt too. We debriefed his day yesterday a little. It was a big day for Matt. He rang me at 8:40am yesterday morning while I was still asleep to tell me his important news. When heard it was him on the phone I had to ask Mum what day it was. I thought I must have not turned up for something at work or the like. I already figured the phone call was coming. But when Matt told me his news I figured I should say some important words to him because it was an important occasion, but all I managed to say was "Important words." He said "Sorry?" And I said "Don't worry about it.".

Anyway today I said more important words to him. Moving words that men aren't meant to say very often. But it was good to talk.

I came home and slept then wrote my sermon for a few hours.

I met Louise in the city at 5:10pm (I was running 10 minutes late) for coffee. We went to Woolies so Louise could buy some blank cds then we went to Starbucks for our coffee. I had an iced chocolate, the closest thing to coffee so far in this whole leader catch up. Louise and I managed to stay at Starbucks till about twenty to nine. Over 3 hours in Starbucks. We seem unable to have short conversations Louise and I. We get distracted a lot. There was a bus driven by a man with a beard that went around the block about 15 times while we sat at our table in the window. Anyway it was a useful conversation.

After coffee Louise insisted we go to St James station, which seemed closer than Town Hall (I'm sure it wasn't but I didn't get to make the decision), because she had cold toes. I'm glad we went to St James though, it was top quality station. I'd never been there, but it has all this old world charm or something. It's absolutely fabulous. It's all lime green tiled and looks a little art deco perhaps. 1920s. It's got a really cool neon sign at the entrance. Yeah, posh.

We caught the train home from there.

All up I had fun and the Starbucks chairs didn't hurt my bum too much, but I got a little sick of the looped cd.