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I found out who the mystery love letter sender was. It was people playing silly buggers. Which is good because Robert started sounding like the person was real. And then I started to think about it more. Because if the person really did like me and was sending me love letters written by two different people, then they had serious issues and when I found out who they were, they I was going to have serious words with them.

When I was talking about it today with college people, someone suggested that I tell one of the faculty because, just incase this person was real, (which I was pretty sure they weren't but not fully sure) then they would have problems and things could go bad. They might go crazy. So for protection from sexual abuse claims or something I should tell someone. So I had a chat with the Dean. He agreed that if the person was serious, then they had issues. At least now I'm protected in case the mystery letter writer sues me.