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I brought lunch with me to work today. I was very excited because I have never done that before. I'm never organised enough. But I thought I'd save some money and feel good about myself so I brought some left-over ravioli with me. I put it in a take-away container (probably from House of Chan) and wrote "Tom's Lunch" on the lid. Then I thought about it all day.

When it was time for lunch I started to get excited. Matt and Jamie were discussing what they would buy from the shops. I told them I'd just get a Coke, "Because I've brought my lunch".

Then someone suggested Maccas and I crumbled straight away, "Get me a large McOz meal." So Jamie got me a large McOz meal and it was wonderful.

Now I'm eating my ravioli for dinner. I never have dinner here at work anyway so really it's all a little useless.