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...started around where Friday left off. 7am in shower, then off to collect a tripod, drop it at a hall then go back again.

I finished setting up a little more of the live mix and then we had a technical rehearsal for the show. It was a little long. There were long spots where I had nothing to do. I almost read my book but only realised I could read my book just before I needed to work again. I was on dvd playing. The dvd had all the music and video stuff for the whole show on it. I felt pretty important but really my job was just pressing skip track at the appropriate time.

The technical rehearsal was followed by a trip to Chris' house so I could borrow his mixer (thanks Chris) then back to the hall again.

Dress Rehearsal followed. That was a little more thrilling. I had a little more button pressing to do.

Michael, Rob, Michelle and James, (the video crew) all arrived during the dress rehearsal. We ate pizza with the rest of crew and felt very exclusive (for some reason cast wasn't allowed to eat food. Some people said it was because they'd get fat and wouldn't be able to dance properly. I think it would be fun if everyone ate pizza together. We could order 50 pizzas and make the hall a big, pizzay mess. And then we could watch a video and have a sleep over because that's what people do after they eat pizza in big groups.

The show happened. I pressed my buttons at the right times. It was a good show. TOOBSC felt a little strange. It didn't feel like my baby anymore. It felt like I'd lent it out to someone else. I had very little emotional connection to it. The live stuff went well looked good. Matt would be nominee for my "Tom's Person of the Year" award if I had person of the year awards. Zac was good quality, very well done.

(I don't think I could ever have "Person of the Year" awards. I'd feel really bad giving one person the award when there would probably huge amounts of people I'd want to give it to. People would get upset and offended if I didn't give it to them. I'd probably have to give it to a disabled person every year because then no-one could complain because if they did they'd just look like a bastard.)

As I think I've said before, I'm getting into dance more. I wasn't bored by the show. I probably would have been when I was 19. Now days I watch and think, "That looks good" and "Oh I like what they did" or "Ouch! I wonder if it hurts doing that". That sort of thing.

People didn't really laugh much at the video Tinku and I made. I wasn't made for acting.

After the show we packed up. Then went home.