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I think I should do the dreams post. Yeah.

Last night I had my first dream that was set at Church. I was re-enacting the wedding of a friend. I had a nice wedding dress on and a black leotard underneath so I didn't show too much cleavage. I came into the church and I had to do this wedding as a dance. Helen put on the music for me, it was "Joyful, Joyful" I wasn't too happy about this because I know that I'm meant to be sick of "Joyful, Joyful". Everyone else seems to be sick of it, so I was sick of it too. Anyway I danced around out the front doing this wedding and I remembered that I needed a man. Phillip Ruddock happened to be walking past and so I grabbed him and we did a waltz together. He started to hold on to me quite tightly. I started to get worried that Phillip might be cracking on to me. I didn't know he was gay. I kept going with the dance though, me being the good showman that I am. When I finished we parted company and I was very relieved. He went back to his seat and his wife (who was a very little old lady) had obviously noticed how he had behaved with me and was very angry at him. I got the feeling she'd had problems with him before. I went over to shake his hand and be polite. He shook mine and acted as if his wife was nothing to worry about.

I also got to go to Koorong at some stage during the dream. This was very exciting because then I could buy that Daniel commentary that I have been wanting to get.

The other part of the dream was that our house got moved to the main road. We were at home, Rob and I, and I think Jo my sister may have been there too. We heard these loud bangs so we ran across to the window. There was a big truck that usually carries dirt driving along. It had lots of bangs and flashes coming out of the back of it. I realised the truck was full of fireworks and the fireworks were going off. It was very cool and we stood there watching. The truck drove past the house which was a little scary and then crashed into a tree and fell over. Jo told us to get away from the window because it was going to blow up. And sure enough it blew up. And the back of the truck blew off and flew through the two bay windows at the front of the house taking out all the walls and everything. I thought this was very exciting. An ambulance drove past with its sirens going and I wondered where the fire truck was.