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I just thought I'd take this opportunity to blog from Sydney Airport. I'm about to leave for New Zealand. It's all very exciting.

I didn't get much sleep last night. A bit like the night before really. We had issues getting here. Trains and stuff. Jo forgot her passport. But we're all good.

Last night was good fun. We had a college dinner. People said good-bye and gave presents. I started a fire on the table with my napkin which I was quite calm about but caused much screaming and water throwing from the women at my table.

The day was reflection day, which means reflecting a lot. Not really my favourite past time. Sitting around talking about "college life". During prayer groups time I got to have one by myself because my prayer group didn't turn up. That was good. I slept and prayed. The two would keep swapping. Very pleasant.

Anyway, I'm going to find Jo and Dad with my macca's breakfast.


See ya in NZ!