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Perhaps we should talk Revolutions.

We traveled to the city we did, Chris, Kaia and I. We only managed to have a little trouble with our city driving. I was only mildly laughed at. And we found our special parking place no problems.

We met Liam and Graham at the cinema and headed to Maccas. I had some ice cream too.

We hung out back at the cinema while Jo, Howie, Lys, Angus, Rachelle, Keith and Ben turned up. While people were turning up, some got places in the line, and then seats in the cinema. We did the front row thing again. It was great. We encouraged everyone to bring their donnas, a novelty thing. Which worked quiet well. But there weren't enough doonas to go around so I got cold feet spreading my doona across 3 people. The idea was nice though. And at Return of the King we'll do better.

The film itself was interesting. I really liked it. It was good fun. Not a lot more. It still doesn't live up to the first one in cool-ness. The first one was perhaps complicated in it's ideas, but a had a simplicity about it. The story was easy to get your head around, you didn't have to think to hard, but if you wanted to you were rewarded. The next two films haven't had that simplicity. Reloaded seemed to get bogged down in itself. Revolutions though, managed to stay a little above getting lost up itself. There was a lot more conventional film making. It didn't seem as show-offy.

There were a few bits I really liked. The fight at the end with Neo and Agent Smith was had coolness even if it was "just folk boffing each other around". The flight of Trinity and Neo was good too. I liked when they went above the clouds. It may have been a little corny, but it was a nice within the trilogy.

Anyway, it was better than Reloaded a lot more fun. Not as good as the first one. Half of Animatrix was better, half wasn't. And they managed to have a lot less breasts in this film. Except for that Monica Bellucci chick, as one reviewer said they were "served up to camera like a pair of golden apples."

We drove home and I got to sleep at 5am. 'Twas goodness.