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It's too late to be doing this. So I won't. I've had a long day with a lot a energy for very little food and even less sleep (if you can compare the two).

But right now I'd like to send a big shout out to David who stayed up till 5am making the dvd for Impact happen. He even stayed awake while I had a power nap. There's dedication.

Yay for David. A beautiful man.

(It's funny how I'm much happier to call other guys beautiful than I am girls. Perhaps because with girls when you say beautiful it usually means you're talking about their looks, at least that's the first thing people stop at and I never talk about peoples looks. Plus people would think it was an un-plutonic beautiful, or at least I'd think they would. So usually girls get called "top notch", "high quality", "very cool person" and perhaps "friendly chap". Then again guys can get that too. So really, girls just miss out a bit I guess.)