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Today I had my New Testament exam. Last exam for my diploma. That was a good feeling. I gave Graham a hug when I was done. My phrase for this exam was "paralysed frog". I managed to get it into the Hebrews essay, in the conclusion and everything. This was the conclusion. It wasn't a great conclusion but hey, I got it in:

A persecuted church, falling into apostacy, is like a paralysed frog. Far from being able to leap above the curse of this evil age, it must float along in the murky swamp of fear and doubt, going with the flow of the world, heading towards destruction. Hebrews encourages its hearers to take strength from its message. The better things of Christ can bring life to those faced with death, the warning passages encouraging the believers to hold fast to the better things they began in the faith believing.

Yep. I reckon I've got a 50/50 chance of passing.