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I should be watching the rugby but I felt the call of the net more. I'm keeping track on the net and I'll probably go home to watch the second half. Or at least the last ten minutes. Like I did with the semi-final.

I'm a fair-weather friend of Rugby.

Today was a quieter day. I didn't fly to any new countries. I did though sleep a lot. So far I have slept four times today. Once in the morning (like usual), once in the car, once in the middle of a conversation with my grandfather, and once on a couch in the cabin. We bought the NZ Herald weekend edition. Almost like being in Sydney.

Today started very slowly because everyone wanted to sleep in. Jo and Dad went for a run while I had a quiet time (I may have fell asleep during that too). We ate breakfast at 11:30. Holidays are nice.

We made it to One Tree Hill. It's good to see. There was a big obelisk as a monument to the Maori people. I felt like a true U2 fan. Although the place didn't really seem very U2-ish, I knew that deep within the trees, and the earth and the sheep that stand around the bottom of the hill, was the spirit of that band of Irish men.

The rugby ain't looking good at the moment. 14-5. I need to go and cheer Australia on.

We went to visit my grandfather again. Still nice.

Tonight we went out to dinner at a restaurant call Valentines. It's just like Sizzler. Very cool. Buffet! Ya Ya! I was too full from lunch though.

I'm trying to eat as much food as I can while I'm here though. Take the chance while out of the country to take as much of New Zealand home with me as possible. I'm hoping to be a big fatty when I step off the plane on Friday morning.