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I am quite tired at the moment so there is that possibility that I'll say something I'll regret. It's times like this that secrets get out. But I will try an refrain and not disappoint my future self.

It's been a big few days but I don't want to say too much about it all.

On Friday I tried to render the dvd, that wouldn't happen so I went to work and ran a poorly planned lunch time group. I never feel all that good about the lunch time group. I always feel as if they're a bit flat. But the people who come seem to like it. One of the girls asked if we could have it twice a week, or more. That made me feel a bit better about it.

I've been listening to Dad's Sons of Korah cd a lot lately. They are very good. I don't often listen to Dad's music.

Friday afternoon was filled with picking up equipment for Impact. Before that I ate lunch with Matt, Jamie and Steve. It was good fun. I felt like "one of the boys". I even made a rude joke which everyone "guffaw-ed" (is that the phrase?) about.

Friday night was setting up the live mix for the concert. That was difficult as I only had one camera to use and not enough BNC-RCA plugs but I got finished about 11:30. I left to go pick up David so we could get the rendering done. When I got to St Ives I remembered that I left the tripod that Rob needed for the wedding back at the hall. I couldn't go back and get it because David was waiting for me and I didn't have enough petrol so I drove on.

David and I visited his office so I could borrow some plugs. Then was came here to make this thing render. We ate coffee wafer sticks till the early hours of the morning. I dropped David home at around 5am as the dvd was beginning to burn and the sun was coming up. I didn't feel particularly excited at the prospect of the few days ahead I was facing with little sleep.