8/31/2007 10:57:00 pm

How Man Roads Must a Man Walk Down

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My car decided it had a long enough run of good driving so it decided to start bubbling and overheating. So I pulled over and parked it in Roseville and went a caught a bus to the city.

Today I needed to go to college, go get the car to a mechanic, get to church. I managed to travel from Croydon to Belrose in just 5 hours using walking, trains, cars and buses. I reckon that's a pretty good use of transport.

In small group today we had a facinating discussion on violence. Everyone was given two choices of opinion to hold.

a) It is never ok for Christians to use violence

b) It is sometimes ok for Christian to use violence

I had a really good time. The year 11s got lots of good discussion going. In the end of the three groups I know about, most people sided with "It is sometimes ok for Christians to use violence."

I'm not sure where I sit on it all, but I have niggling feeling that complete non-violence is the direction I should be leaning in. Jesus seemed to lean that way. It feels like allowances for violence in Christian ethics are a nod to pragmatism rather than the will of God. But I'm not sure yet. I'll read a book.