8/15/2007 05:46:00 pm

London Calling

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Since arriving here I haven't really been doing all that much. Yesterday I went to visit the Churchill Museum and the Cabinet War rooms. They were pretty fun. Kinda as you'd expect, lots of stuff about World War 2, lots of stuff about Churchill. And secret underground meeting rooms. Cool. Then I sat in my hotel room reading.

I've tried to spend a lot of time reading and praying. Really I'm here to have God-space so I'm not too concerned about not "seeing" London. I figure it's better to "see" with someone else anyway. So I'll come back here one day with a person, or at very least a little bit of schizophrenia.

Today I hung around Leicester Square. So far it's my favourite spot in London. Probably all the cinemas. It's the UK premiere of The Bourne Ultimatum tonight. I reckon Matt Damon's gonna be here. I've been tempted to hang around with the throngs of screaming girls to see him, but alas I have accidentally booked into a 4-star hotel tonight and I will need to test out the poshness. It was cheaper than staying another night where I have been the past three nights so I'm not complaining.

I went to see Evan Almighty today. It was ok. Now that I know the maker of the film is a Christian, I have more respect. Only because it's many times better than most Christian television.

Tomorrow it's off to see Andrew in his musical. It'll be fun to see people. At the moment the only people I talk to are shop-keepers and hotel receptionists. It's a good thing I'm an introvert, but I'm looking forward to a little company.

Still I have one more night on my own, with satellite TV and maybe even a microwave meal! Yes!

I have to say, the worst bit about hanging around London by yourself all day is finding somewhere to eat. Normally I'd just go to Maccas but since Kenya my stomach has been telling me to be kind. So trying to find places where I won't feel like a loner eating as a loner, that won't make me feel horrid is a challenge. But I'm learning. Sushi, sushi, sushi!

Anyway I must go write an email or two. Keep up the good work readers!