8/09/2007 02:54:00 pm

Now and Saturday Part 2

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I do love these visits to the wind-up internet cafe.

The rain just started bucketing down. Last night the revival meeting was cancelled because of the rain. Tonight Crusade and Revival meeting might go. That would be sad, in some ways, but having another night off might be nice too. We'll see how things go.

But now, lets get back to Saturday.


We arrived in Eldoret quite late. I've heard it's the third biggest city in Kenya. That may be true. But I saw a silo on Sunday and was told that it was the second biggest of only four in Africa, only to see another one the same size the next day. But Eldoret basically was just moving from one bus into another with a lot of people shouting "Mazungu! Mazungu!" at us. "Mazungu" means white man. Howie and I are something of a novelty here. I'm happy to provide the amusement.

We were stuffed into another overcrowed bus, Albert feel asleep on my shoulder, and we sped off to Kitale. In Kitale we were bustled into an old, blue Peurgeot station wagon that had doors that were missing all the interior panels, and seats that weren't actually attached to the floor. We found out later this was Pastor David's car.

We were taken to the Mid Africa Hotel, which seems to be the poshest hotel in town. Howie and I were given a double bed which didn't really fit the mattress, so it poked up at the end. The mattress still had a plastic covering on it, which is helpful if either of us wet the bed, but felt like you were sleeping on the back seat of taxi.

Still I was happy to have a bed. We took some dinner, and then fell asleep. The eight-hour trip to Kitale had only taken 12 hours. Pretty good for African time I reckon.