8/06/2007 11:39:00 am

Living Africa

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We're now in Kitale, Kenya. We're siting in an internet cafe with, what feel like, 486 computers, which have modems that run on semafore.

We're waiting for a truck to get fixed. It's in the garage getting something done to it. It's going to drive us to some random village where we're going to stay for the next two days. We're doing a youth conference there, two open air preaches, and two revival meetings. The youth conference started at 10am and will finsih in about 20 minutes. I've heard this town is an hour away (which probably means two) so I doubt we'll make it in time. Still, I'm greatful for the chance to catch up with the world.

I figure seeing as I have so much to blog, I'll just start from when we arrived in Kenya and go till the truck is fixed. We could be here all day, praise the Lord.


We were delayed in Dubai for some reason, so we got to Nairobi late. Our plane was pretty much full of American Christians off to save the children. I guess we're all the same.

Once at Customs we were leaving with a big bunch of Americans. The Customs man waved them through, but they were stopped by another customs guy. The American lady who was heading up the group (they were all wearing t-shirts that said "Every Child is a Winner" on the front) shouted at the man "We were told to go through! All that's in there is books and clothes, books and clothes!" I felt it was probably a good start to the campaign of good for the children of this nation.

We made it out of customs without having to shout at anybody and meet Pastor Albert and his friend Pastor David. Pastor Albert is the shortest African man we have ever seen. The gave us a handshake and a hug then took us to the taxi they' had hired.

We left the Airport and were stopped at a toll booth by a man with a big gun. I thought "Oh know here comes the car jacking" and then remembered that there are big guns everywhere in Africa, so we may not be about to die. The driver and the gun man had a bit of a laugh, which makes you feel safe. I'd like to able to make jokes with big men with big guns. I'd feel quite good about myself.

We were taken to the YMCA in Nairobi to spend the night. It was like church camp accomdation, except dodgier. Still, I do love the dodge factor, so I was pretty happy. The bed was comfy enough that I slept good.