8/10/2007 11:06:00 pm

Sunday Continues

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At Albert’s house were fed a feast of scrawny chicken and beans, rice and soup. The scrawny chicken is not to say the chicken was bad, I think every chicken in this country is scrawny. The food was good, Albert’s wife fed us good. We had a long conversation over lunch with two church elders about building materials in Australia (“What sort of bricks do you use in Australia?”), Australia’s farming practices (“What is Australia’s cash crop?”) and employment (“Can you get me a job in Australia?”) I have to say it was the last one I felt I could answer the easiest, though the other two were much more comfortable to talk about.

We met Albert’s 3-year-old girl, Leia, who is the cutest thing I have seen in years. I’ve decided on this trip that African kids are God’s cutest creations.

After Albert’s little house we were taken to Pastor David’s house. This was much more befitting of Sydney Clergy man. It probably had the requisite 4 bedrooms. It was still rather Kenyan with it’s shabby concrete floor, but they’d done a good job making it nice. We arrived, sat on a couch and watched bad Kenyan television for an hour. It was enlightening and rather amusing.

The afternoon had a Musical Extravaganza put on at Albert’s Church by the local youth. Again we were put in the Christian Corporate box, and given a prime view of the performances. They were good. They’re good at their music here (even if they’re not so good at the sound engineering everything is turned up to eleven even if there is no eleven). I enjoyed watching them sing and dance. There was one girl who got up and did and impression of a Kenyan tele-evangelist, and even though it was in Swahili it was the funniest thing I’d seen in ages. I really like Kenyan youths. They can come and join my youth group anytime they want.

After the extravaganza we met Peter the church’s youth leader and worship leader. He told us he was going to coming with us on our travels around the Kenyan countryside. Little did we know he was to become one of our best Kenyan friends here. We were driven into town by our driver, Isaiah who was also going to become a best friend. There was a lady in the car with us who we were giving a lift too (Isaiah knows everyone and spends half his trip stopping to pick various people up and put them in the back of his ute) who told us that next time we will stay in Kenya three months. “Three months!” I said “It’s getting longer every time.” I then reminded them that we do have ministries to attend to in Australia. Still it’s nice to feel loved.

We had dinner at our hotel with Albert, David, and his son Junior. It was mostly silly conversation. We had a waiter who introduced himself as President JFK. He was probably the funnest waiter I’ve met in a long time. By the end of the meal sitting at the table was The Pope, Elvis, Queen Elizabeth the 6th and two other notable historical figures.

We finished the night with a prayer in our room. I slept on my stupid lilo on the floor because Howie and I were fighting. I thought it would have been comfortable, but the dodgy thing has a leak, so I spent the night sleeping on tiles. Oh well I guess it’s about as good as many Kenyans get every night, so either I shouldn’t complain, or we should all complain together.