8/12/2007 07:40:00 pm


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I've made it to London, all by myself. I'm so grown up.

I just tried to visit church, but I got there late, walked past the church, got spotted by the usher and was too self-conscious to walk in after that. I then walked back to where my Hotel is praying that I would find a church along the way that was starting so I wouldn't be late. But alas I did not find one. I tried following the leading of the Spirit down different alleys in case he was wanting me to find some backwater Penty church or something. Alas, I found nothing. So I have concluded that either God doesn't exist or he wants me to use the internet. I'm happy with the second option.

Actually it's more likely that I should have just not been a wuss and walked in even though the usher had seen me walking past. But perhaps I will learn to be braver from now on.

After getting to my hotel (The Mentone Hotel, which is classier than it's two-star rating suggests) I met up with Bevis and his friend Matt and we hung out. Bevis was his most excited when we were sitting in Leicester Square and I mentioned I'm thinking about making a TV series sometime in the distant future. It was always the thing that excited him the most. It was good to hang out, I liked Matt, and I enjoyed being with friendlies in foriegn land.

I have concluded sitting here, near the desk of this internet cafe manager, that most people who come to internet cafes don't know how to use internet cafes. I guess the whole "Click Here to Log-On" button can be a little baffleing.

I may try and write more of Kenya down. Then I'll find some dinner and watch British TV in my Hotel room. I think Big Brother is on here. Maybe it's eviction night! Yesss!