8/08/2007 10:54:00 am

Back from the Bush

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We have just arrived back in Kitale from being in a town who's name I've forgotten. We were doing revivals and crusades in a remote rural community. All the buildings were made out of mud and sticks and there was no electricity. I felt like I was in the happy part of a World Vision video. The preaching was hard, but the people were wonderful.

We will soon be on our way to another town to do a Pastors' and Leaders' meeting, two revivals and two crusades. We got told we were leaving in 10 minutes 30 minutes ago. There are some things I love about African time (like extra sleep and internet time) some things not so much (going to bed 2 hours later than planned). But right now I'll see if I can make the most of it. I'll see if I can fit another blog post in before we leave.