8/10/2007 10:38:00 pm


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I’m sitting here in my bed on the last night here in Kenya. I’m not connected to the net, I’m doing one of those posts that I write in Word and stick up later. I’m listening to Anberlin (I think of you Curt), it’s reminding me how much I’ve missed familiar music this past week. But I’m pretty happy now.

Howie and I just did some filming to finish off here. We’re both pretty happy to be going home. While we have met lots of fabulous people here, and participated in some pretty special stuff, we can’t say it’s been all that easy. Although I think it’s got better as the days have gone on. I think familiarity has bred love in this case. Over the past few days we’ve bonded a lot with Peter, David, Isaiah and Albert (our travelling companions). Many a silly a conversation during our car trips. It’s good to find people who a willing to be stupid with you.

But tomorrow we’re leaving at 9am (at least that’s what as been planned, so we expect to leave at about 10:30am) and we’re off to Nairobi to fly away, I’m off to London, Howie is back to Oz. Happy are the men who are leaving Africa.

Many people come home from Africa raving about what a special life changing experience it has been. How 3 months wasn’t nearly enough.

I’ll be leaving knowing it’s been an important, growing, challenging experience, but I’ll be happy to find some more familiar ground. Who would ever have thought I would have called London familiar.

Anyway, God is Good. I have seen that he is here in Africa too. Kenya is a land so full of hardship, yet so full of faith. It is a blessing to see.

We’ve been told many times these past days that God is calling us to Kenya, Kenya needs us. But Kenya doesn’t need us. Kenya is safe in the hands of the wonderful Kenyans that we’ve met. They love Jesus, they’re making significant contributions to the lives of the widow and the orphan, and they’re preaching Jesus like there’s no tomorrow. They don’t need two uncomfortable white boys to do their sermons for them. But good on ‘em for letting us in for week anyway.

My work here is done. God bless Kenya.