8/23/2007 08:56:00 pm


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I'm at Heathrow killing time before my flight on the world's stupidest internet. I'm kinda excited to be heading home. Except that when I get home I just jump straight into work. So that's a littl sad. But I guess that's the life of a high powered Church executive.

Soul didn't really change much after the last post. I did enjoy Soul more when i had people to talk to, and comfy thrones to sit in. I met some nice people to.

My shoes are still covered in mud, after the mud land that was Soul Survivor. I'm not sure if they'll let me take them back into Australia. Oh well, I like barefoot.

I went to Brighton today to visit Liz and Ben. I got to see the legendary Brighton Pier. I'm not sure what legends it's actually mentioned in, but I'm sure they're pretty exciting. It's quite a pier. It goes into the ocean and had some half-excititing Easter Show rides at the end. But how many of people can say they've been on the Wild Mouse off the coast of England? Not me, I was too lazy. But if I'd gone on it I could say it.

I forgot to post my post cards so I'll send them when I get to Australia. They'll arrive quicker that way.

Brighton was pretty cool though. Ben and I visited an Amoury shop which sold heaps of old guys. Like weapons from the past 1000 years, no joke. It was pretty cool. I'm real sad that I couldn't afford any of it.

Brighton really though is kinda just like Newtown but bigger and older and with no Thai food. It's one big King Street. Felt like home.

Ben and Liz were good fun, but I'm not real good at English beer. Tastes like you should chew it. And I wandered around all day looking for good things to buy for people, but I found very little. So all those of you expecting presents, give up, you ain't getting nothing! (Unless you're one of the lucky ones.)

Anyway I must go. Rodney is knocking at the door so I must let him go.